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These Beautiful Sari Styles Will Make You More Glamorous

Saris are one of the most beautiful outfits. This is the reason that it is not only worn in India but also in foreign countries. Not only this nowadays, not only women but also in girls, sari's craze is increasing day by day. Regardless of any function, everybody will be seen wearing different sari in different styles and obviously this is the most preferred apparel at all. If you also have the desire to wear sari and you want to carry it with different styles, then we will tell you about some styles that will make you even more beautiful.

Lehenga Sari
You can wear your simple sari in any function in lehenga style too. Dressing sari in lehenga style is very trending. There is no need to do anything special for this. Just wrap the sari plates in such a way that it looks a little encroached on the bottom and if possible, pick a matching chunar to add an additional blend of beauty.

Bengali style
If you also want to appear in a traditional look with saris, then Bengali pattern is a good option. For this, you add fewer plates to the sari and keep the pallu a little longer. Put your pallu on one shoulder from one side and turn it on the shoulder from the other side. It not only gives you glamorous look but also easy to handle.

Marathi Style
This style is very different than the style of common saris. For this, instead of 6 hands, 9 hand length sarees are used and petticoats are not worn below. This style will change your look perfectly.

Double Saree Style
If you want to wear saris quite differently then you can wear two saris together. The double sari comes with a lanyard look that looks very beautiful and will give you a very nice and different look. For this, by wearing sari in a simple manner, you should put a different tint of its color and shawl on the other shoulder. This will give you a very beautiful look.

Mumtaz Style
If you are going to a theme party and want a retro look for it, then there will be no better option than Mumtaz Style. If you have a beautiful figure, then this style is for you. This style is preferred not just for girls but women too

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