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Solah Shringar Accessories for New Age Bride

Cheers to the free-spirited new age Indian woman and her unfathomable poise against domestic violence, social assaults and her sheer gusto to beak the conservative barriers! This post is dedicated to all those fashionista, who are modern by look but deeply traditional at heart!

Have a look at the most important accessories which makes a bride more beautiful and also completes her "Solah Sringar"

Hath Phool

The hath phool typically comprises of a single ring or a ring to each finger and all of them are connected by a delicate bracelet thereby hanging the center piece on the center of the palm.


A must-have head accessory for Muslim brides, jhumar has been considered as a luxury symbol on wedding day.


This piece of bridal ornament, which is a norm among north Indian weddings has a significant presence in the post-wedding rituals. In earlier days, the kalire used to in gold coated metallic frail.

Kamar Bandh

Popularly known as phenta, sash, patka in various parts of the country, it is one of the most beautiful embellishments to complete an Indian bride’s look.

Kundan Nath

The big nose hoops which were replaced by a solitaire nose stud by the course of time, has returned with a vengeance.

Mod Manng Tikka

Getting inspiration from your own roots rather than sneaking through overseas traditions is always a wonderful feeling. And when a foreign counterpart starts taking cues from our rich workmanship, it then becomes a matter of pride.

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