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Fascinating Varieties of Indian Women Dresses

There are quite an interesting variety of clothing options for women. Ranging from traditional Indian wear to the trendy western wear, the countless options are quite baffling. Dresses are the symbols of traditional values and cultures of specific countries. The Indian attire is known to have fascinated millions of people all over the world.

Indian Women Fashion

Variety of Dresses Women Love

Women love to experiment with their clothes and accessories. The most commonly used Indian attire includes sarees and Salwar Kameez. Though sarees are known to be the traditional outfit of the country, most of the women love to wear Salwar Kameez as it is easy to carry and quiet comfortable to wear.

Indian Women Fashion Styles

There are many styles and patterns of Salwar Kameez which include the Patiala style, Afghani style, Short Kurtis, Parallels, Sharara and so forth. Today you can find a wide variety of Salwars stitched in various patterns and designs. You can also find beautiful patterns of suits available at reasonable rates in the online stores.

This outfit was introduced by the early Mughals and it was the traditional outfit of the Muslims but now the outfit has become so popular that it is worn by women all over the world. Earlier the outfit was a loose fitting tunic with pyjamas but now suits are stitched in tight body hugging patterns. There is quite a variety of Salwar Kameez which includes the Anarkali style.

Indian Women Fashion Clothing

Today designers have succeeded in customising the outfit with the introduction of a variety of appealing designs and patterns. Salwar Kameez is known to be the favourite dress due to availability of an array of colors and designs that suit women of all ages and body types. It can be worn in all seasons with different fabrics to suit summers and winters.

Available in different fabrics like georgettes, silk, velvet and cotton, this outfit has the advantage of being a multipurpose wear which can be worn for parties as well as casual outings. Printed cotton suits, bridal suits, designer suits are some of the popular dresses worn by women. Heavily embellished bridal suits decked with precious gems, crystals, beads and stones are designed specially for brides. Today Salwar Kameez is available in different combinations of fabrics which make it wrinkle free, comfortable and more durable.

The Popularity of Handloom Sarees

The handloom sarees have gained immense popularity for its exquisiteness and elegance. It is available in silk and cotton in both online and offline stores. The cotton sarees are chic and comfortable to wear. These sarees include an exclusive collection such as patola sarees, mangalgiris, baluchari sarees and narayanpet sarees.

The baluchari sarees are the traditional handloom sarees of West Bengal. Popular for their unique designs and artistic patterns, these sarees are exquisite examples of perfection and sophistication. Known to be the wear of the royalties in the earlier days, these elegant sarees are made in pure silk.

Attires can be of different varieties but it is important to choose dresses that match your personality regardless of whether it is western or Indian.

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