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The Exquisite Beauty of Indian Sarees

Sarees, the traditional wear of the Indian women, have always fascinated millions of people all over the world. The Indian sarees are symbols of regional diversities and various cultures prevalent in the country. Sarees are available in different varieties of colors, designs and patterns. This distinctive six meter yard cloth is made of different types of fabrics in different regions of the country.

The exemplary patterns and unique fabrics of the Indian sarees have allured people for many years. It is even worn by women of foreign origin. Due to the constant demand for the Indian sarees in the international markets, the trades of these sarees have grown simultaneously.

Indian Sarees

Types of Indian Sarees

The Indian sarees are available in a wide range of varieties. Most of these sarees are products of various states and depict the cultures and ethnic value of the states. Some of the most popular varieties of Indian sarees include the following.

Chiffon sarees: Among hundreds of different varieties of sarees available in the Indian and international markets, the chiffon sarees are the most popular varieties. These sarees are purely magnificent and stylish. These sarees are known to enhance the feminine beauty of a woman. There are plain sarees, designer sarees, sequined sarees, and embroidered sarees among this unique variety of Indian sarees.

Indian Women Sarees

The chiffon sarees are light and durable. It is a perfect wear for summer seasons. It is a blend of elegance and softness. Different kinds of embellishments can be added to these sarees to increase the attractiveness of the attire.

Patola sarees: Originated in Patan, a place in Gujarat, the patola sarees are quiet exemplary. These sarees are usually hand-made and famous all over the world for its delicate and clear patterns. As these sarees are hand-made, it requires ample amount of time to create a single piece of saree. These sarees have existed since the 13th century and it was traditionally crafted by the Hindu Salvi caste. It is usually worn by the wealthy Jains and the Brahmins of the Hindu community for weddings. The patola sarees are usually woven from silk and include bright colors and intricate patterns.

Designer Indian Sarees

Banarasi sarees are other exquisite varieties of Indian sarees which are quite expensive. These unique Indian sarees are synonymous to elegance, opulence and mystifying charm. These Indian sarees are usually worn by the brides of South India. The South Indian weddings are quite incomplete without these sarees. The entire bridal family is known to adorn different types of these rich sarees to attend the auspicious function. As the sarees are woven with pure golden thread, it is quite expensive compared to the other traditional and modern Indian sarees.

Apart from the above mentioned Indian sarees, there are many other attractive types of sarees such as the Kanchipuram sarees, Konrad sarees, Kota Doria sarees and so forth. Each of these exquisite varieties of sarees is woven from different parts of the Indian continent. The Kanchipuram sarees are woven in South India whereas the Kota Doria sarees belong to the state of Rajasthan. Regardless of the type of fabric, color, origin, the Indian sarees are incomparable outfits that heighten the true beauty of a woman.

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