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Indian Bridal Wears – Symbols of Ethnicity Since Centuries

The Indian bridal wears have been the part of the country’s marriage rituals and cultural traditions. It is believed that wedding sarees, the most popular bridal wears worn in different states, were popular in 1000 BC as well. Lehnga choli, another popular form of wedding costumes in India, was introduced by the Mughals.

These costumes have evolved in terms of design over many centuries. Today, the skilled craftsmen as well as renowned fashion designers significantly contribute towards the contemporary styles of costumes for Indian brides. The brides in the western countries usually wear a white wedding gown that resembles the Indian wedding lehngas. However, there are many things that differentiate between the two.

Indian Bridal Wears 2013

Indian Wedding Wears 2013

The bridal wears in India are known for their vibrant colors. One can find them in the lively and glittering shades like red, maroon, magenta and pink. Lehngas are designed in many other colors like gold, blue, green and saffron. Such a wide choice of colors for bridal wears is hard to find in any other part of the world.

The bridal sarees are mainly designed using chiffon or silk. Some of the popular designs for these Indian bridal wears include Banarasi sarees, pure Kanjivaram, leheriya georgette and many more. Crafted in different states by expert craftsmen, many of these sarees take a long time in the process of designing. Sarees with intricate and irresistible patterns and designs obviously cost higher. For example, sarees with zari work and those with woven embroidery consume great efforts of the skilled designers. So, they are among the expensive bridal wears.

Lehnga choli is a popular bridal wear in the north Indian weddings. These Indian bridal wears are highly attractive and carry more weight than sarees. Some parts of the country known these bridal dresses by names like ghaghra and sharara. Straight cut ghaghra choli is the most popular variety of these clothes. Besides, one can find them in another popular style called fish cut ghaghras.

Embroidered lehnga cholis are highly preferred for the type of elegance they offer. Many of the lehnga designs are embellished with fine materials like sequins, beads, diamantes, pearls, kora and real stones as well. Lehngas with mirror work, zari work and patch work too are among the admirable Indian bridal wears. The use of these dresses in Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows has pushed their popularity to a higher level.

Bridal suits, mainly the bridal salwaar kameez, are great wedding wears as well. Though, their use is limited to few communities only. For example, the Sikh weddings usually have brides dressed up in these beautiful dresses. Mostly found in red and pink colors, these bridal dresses are light and highly comfortable to wear. A duppata is a common accessory with bridal suits as well as bridal lehngas.

Designer Indian bridal wears are taking these cultural dresses to the world. Many ace fashion designers from the country design these dresses with a great contemporary look and feel. This is the reason that Indian wedding dresses are highly regarded in different countries and are great items of interest for brides from these countries.

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