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Tips While Choosing Wedding Lehenga, Wedding Lehenga Choli

Wedding lehengas are among the most exquisite and expensive bridal outfits worn by the women in India. The lehenga choli includes an ankle length skirt which is known as the lehenga. It also includes a blouse which is known as the choli. This attire also includes a beautiful dupatta or a stole which is draped around the neck. There are different types of lehenga cholis that suit different body types. Some women prefer to wear stitched bridal outfits whereas some prefer to wear ready- made outfits.

Wedding Lehenga Choli

Tips to Choose Bridal Lehenga

Lehenga cholis are the most beautiful bridal outfits with its elegant patterns and designs. However, there are different types of lehengas available today. Not all lehengas suit every body type. So it is important to consider certain factors before choosing wedding lehengas.

Color: One of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing lehengas include the color of the outfit. Today the online markets are flooded with a variety of beautiful shades and hues to suit different skin tones. It is important to choose colors that complement your skin tone. Dark shades are ideal for women with a dusky complexion. Velvet shaded lehengas are known to be a symbol of opulence and beauty. Beautiful shades of red, blue, pink, green and maroon are also chosen by the brides these days.

Wedding & Special Purpose Lehenga

Designs: Wedding lehengas are available in distinctive patterns and designs to suit individual preferences. Embroidered patterns in silk, velvet and crepe are quite popular varieties of bridal outfits worn by most of the women today. The cholis are designed exquisitely with semi precious and precious stones according to individual preferences. Customized bridal outfits are also available these days. Designer bridal wear is among the most widely available outfits today. Most of the brides prefer to wear designer lehenga cholis on their special day.

Bridal & Wedding Lehenga

Styles and patterns: It is also important to consider the different types of patterns of the lehengas. Not all patterns and styles suit all body types. The A-line lehengas suits all body types as it fits around the waist and then flows out extravagantly, similar to the shape of the letter A. These wedding lehengas are available in different materials including silk, organza and satin. The straight cut lehengas suit slim body types. The circular cut lehengas are another variety of outfits worn by women. These lehengas have large fringes at the hemline. It is ideal for women with pear shaped and slim body types. The fish cut lehengas include another popular style of outfit. It adheres to the body from the waist to the knee and then expands in various shapes. The flare is shaped in round and trumpet designs.

Style of the cholis: The choli or the blouse of the outfit is also styled differently in different types of lehengas. Backless cholis, single shoulder, deep neck, off shoulder are some of the most popular designs and patterns available among these outfits.

In addition to lehengas, bridal sarees are also popularly adorned by women in different parts of the country today. Wedding sarees of a wide range of magnificent designs and colors can be easily found in many of the online stores.


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